Thrift Store Treasure August 2015

Selling Cassettes

The results are in!  August 2015 was a great month for eBay, Amazon and Amazon FBA thrift store treasure sales.

We provide these examples of profits from our Amazon store to help other thrift store and yard sale resellers locate the best items from thrift stores to resell on Amazon.  Most of these items were located less than one month before they sold.   We specialize in locating free and low-priced items that can be sold for very high profit margins.  The key to this system is “Low Risk, High Reward”.  For more on the Almost Free Money approach, check out the Top 10 Amazon Kindle books Thrift Wars and Passive Income for Life.

In August, we also decided to spend a little time selling on eBay.  I found a used HP desktop computer in the woods and tested it.  Great! It worked fine.  I parted it out and made some good money on it on eBay – $35 for the motherboard,  $12 for the cooling unit and $17 for the power unit.  Plus another $5 in scrap metal for the pile.  Pretty good for a free item!

If you have been following our Cassette Lot posts, you know that we have almost completed listing the lot.  During August, we made back our purchase costs for the lot, plus a little profit.  We earned over $156, just in August, with only about half of the lot available on Amazon!  I did not expect to be making profit so quickly on that deal.

Here are some of our top thrift store and yard sale items sold on Amazon during August 2015:

Item                                                                     Bought For:           Location:            Price Sold:               Profit %

  • Beethoven Bicentennial LP Box                  7c                    eBay Lot               $88.50                     136328%
  • Great Circus Caper Book                               Free                Home                   $59.95                      Infinite
  • Subliminal Weight Loss Cassette                 7c                    eBay Lot              $49.95                      71257%
  • Julio Iglesias Mi Vida Import Cassette       7c                     eBay Lot              $35.00                     49900%
  • 1978 Jiffy Needlepoint Set (New)                10c                   Thrift Store         $18.95                     19899%
  • His Name is Wonderful Cassette                  7c                     eBay Lot              $35                          49900%
  • Waldo de los Rios LP Record                        7c                    eBay Lot               $19.95                     28400%
  • Common Guide to Macrofungi Book          10c                   Thrift Shop          $22                         21900%
  • Tenants and Landlords Book                       Free                  Garage Sale         $35                         Inf.
  • John Brown’s Body  LP Record                    4c                      eBay Lot              $35                         87400
  • Songs of Hawaii  LP Record                         10c                     Thrift Store         $16.95                   16850%
  • Zippy the Turtle Beanie Clip -Mini             Free                   Home                   $14.95                    Inf.
  • Dymo Label Maker – Purple                         Free                   Home                   $35                          Inf.
  • Nerf Maverick Blaster                                    Free                   Home                   $15                          Inf.
  • World Animals Triceratops Toy                   Free                   Home                   $24.95                   Inf.
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