Selling Cassette Tapes on Amazon FBA: A Case Study

Selling cassettes

Do you want in on a secret?

You can find cassette tapes for under 25c a piece and sell them for $35, or more.  How’s that for profit margin?!

The trick is to know how to get them for dirt cheap and then understand how to sell them online for large profits.

I know what you’re thinking… this is a scam.  Nobody wants cassettes anymore…  Wrong!

People thought the same thing about vinyl records until about 7 years ago, when the new vinyl collector explosion occurred.  Now there are tons of people collecting records again and selling them is big business.

People do collect (and even still listen to) audio cassettes.  It’s true… the market for cassette tapes is not as large as the market base is for CDs or vinyl, BUT there is a viable market out there, and there is not a lot of internet selling competition to worry about.

There are many benefits to selling cassette tapes on Amazon FBA:

  • The profit margins are high
  • The product cost is dirt cheap!
  • Not a lot of internet sellers know that you can effectively sell cassette tapes on Amazon FBA
  • They are relatively cheap to ship
  • They are easy to package for shipping
  • They are small, so they don’t end up costing you a lot of money in storage fees (because they may sit in your inventory for a while)


A Case Study on Selling Cassette Tapes Online

OK.  So, I am a big thrift store picker and reseller.  If you are too, you might want to check out my Top 10 Kindle book Thrift Wars.

Anyway, so I kept seeing stacks and stacks of cassette tapes for 10c each at these thrift shops and I always wondered if they would be worth flipping on Amazon.  So, I bought a couple of pop cassettes and to my surprise, some of them sold very quickly in the $5-8 dollar range.  Not a bad profit, considering it only takes about 20 seconds to list a cassette on Amazon.

I decided to take it up a notch.  I bought a lot of 400 audio cassettes on eBay.  After listing them all on Amazon FBA and getting them shipped in to the fulfillment center, it costed me about 14c a cassette tape and about one day of my life.  Pretty sweet.  Amazon holds them and ships them and I just collect the money.

I didn’t really know what to expect.

It did not take long after Amazon got my products to start making cassette tape Amazon FBA sales.  In the first week of selling cassette tapes on FBA, seven cassettes sold, at an average profit of $12.50.  I sold two $35 cassettes in the first week.  Since then, I have been selling 3-8 cassettes a week in that same profit range.  It’s been a nice little boost to my FBA earnings.

So here is the real case study >>> This week I bought over 1000 cassette tapes on eBay – one 929 cassette lot and one 110 cassette lot of ethnic cassettes (imports, mostly).

  • The 929 cassette lot costed me $205.50, including shipping.  The lot included 57 new sealed tapes.  The rest are used cassettes.  They are a variety of genres, some junk pop tapes and some better classic rock, hair metal (which sells well) and some quality jazz tapes.
  • The 110 cassette lot I basically stole for a $1.11 winning bid, with a shipping cost of $13.72 for a total cost of $14.83.  This lot is almost all rare obscure imports.  These will be slow movers, but high profit makers.  There were also two Case Logic cassette storage cases included in this lot, which I will also sell on Amazon FBA for $15-20 each.
  • These two lots come to an initial expense of $219.22 for 1039 cassettes and 2 cases.  That’s under 22c a tape.


I just received part of the shipments today for these cassettes.  I will be posting follow-ups on how much these cassette tapes are listed for on Amazon FBA, when I get done.

Update:  I listed one box of New Cassettes and got them sent in to Amazon FBA at a potential profit of about 566%.  See the details in Part 2 of the Case Study now.

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