The Secrets of Six Figure Authors Revealed!  The 10 Things that Only the Top 1% of Authors Do to Make it to the Top of the Kindle Royalties Mountain

Tips and Advice from five of the top Kindle non-fiction and fiction bestselling authors and entrepreneurs.  Only 0.7% of all Kindle authors earn more than $100,000 in annual royalties.  What makes them successful?

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • What Do the Top 1% of Self-Published Authors Have in Common?

    Hundreds of hours of research into Six Figure Authors’ platforms dissected.  What do the most successful Kindle authors have in common?  How do they reach huge audiences and turn readers into returning customers?

  • Insight from Five Bestselling Kindle Authors

    Veteran self-publishing authors discuss their own author platforms and offer tips for improving your platform and increasing book sales.   What are the most important self-publishing tasks that must be accomplished to maintain over $2000 monthly in book royalties?

  • Action Tasks Provided for Taking Your Kindle Book Royalties and Author Platform to the Next Level

    Easy-to-follow and Inexpensive Action Tasks provided for each of the 10 chapters, so that you can apply the information to your own author platform.

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