How to Sell Used Video Games for Profit

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Selling used video games is HOT right now.  We can teach you where to find used video games for cheap or free at garage sales, and how to sell them online for the most money!

Compare this niche to other related media niches like: Selling used books and selling used CDs.  Both books and CD’s are slowly being replaced by digital format – e-books and MP3s, respectively.  People are still looking for physical books and music CDs, but not as much they used to.


Used video games, on the other hand, are becoming MORE popular.  There are tons of video gamers and collectors looking to buy vintage video games, including popular formats like the Nintendo NES, Atari 2600, and ColecoVision.  The newer used video games are also in demand.  New games cost upward of $50.  Gamers are looking to save some money by buying used video games.

“In our view, the video game market is likely to grow at or above a 7.2 percent rate for the next 10 years, at least doubling over that time,”

Michael Pachter
Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst


Benefits of Selling Used Video Games

  1. There is a never-ending supply – Gamers are constantly upgrading consoles as technology changes.  Games are also frequently discarded after the game is beaten, which sometimes takes less than a week.  You can find used video games at many garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets.  You can also find used video game consoles and video games on Craigslist.
  2. There is a good Profit Margin for selling used video games and selling used video game consoles – Once you figure out which consoles and games to look for, you can make very good money by picking them up VGconsoles at garage sales and thrift stores.  I highly recommend having a smart phone with you when looking for used games.  Download the Amazon Price check application (free download link in product box at bottom if this page).  That way you know how much the game is worth BEFORE you buy it,
  3. It is easy to sell used video games (Amazon and eBay).
  4. Video Game shipping, storage and packaging is also easy.   Video games are small, and they are not fragile.  They are easy to package.  You can buy DVD or CD shippers in bulk or use the same b-Flute cardboard that you use to ship books.  You can storage thousands of video games in a small area, and you don’t have to worry about moisture issues, like with used books.
  5. You can sell video games accessories, consoles, manuals, and even empty boxes!  It is common to find this stuff for free at garage sales, mixed in with other junk in free boxes.  Once you know what you are looking for, you can find many $10 items: controllers, power cords, chargers, manuals, AV cords, memory cards, and cases for replacement are commonly found.
  6. Even old video games can be valuable.  Many garage sale hosts think that the old games are not popular, so they are priced cheaply.  I have found many $10-20 used video games for 10-25 cents at garage sales and yard sales.  Look for rare titles and popular console video games.


Sell Used Video Games on Amazon:

Amazon Video Games

  • Selling used video games on Amazon is great. Video games are quick to list, and there is no listing fee.  You do not pay anything until the games sell, and they sell fairly quickly.
  • You can sell everything on Amazon: Consoles, video games, controllers, power cords, memory cards, and any other accessory.
  • Games can be listed quickly by typing in the UPC code on the back of the case for CD-Style games, or on the back of the box for older games and cartridges.  If you do not have the box, just type in the game title and console name: “Super Mario Brothers Nintendo NES”
  • Amazon provides a $3.99 shipping credit for video games, which actually gives you some extra money. It only costs about $2.40 to ship via USPS 1st class mail.


Sell Used Video Games on eBay:

eBay Video Games

  • eBay is good for making quick money
  • You can list large lots of games by console, for instance 25 PlayStation 1  games, as many of the games for that console are not worth much.
  • You can list old video game lots with the console, packaged with 10-20 games, a controller, and the power cords.
  • eBay is good for listing rare games, high-value hard-to-find consoles like IntelliVision systems, and vintage video games collectibles like T-Shirts, Drinking glasses, Posters, etc.
  • You can pick up the accessories that you need to get the consoles that you picked from garage sales operational.  Power cords and replacement parts can often be found cheaper on eBay than anywhere else.


Sell Used Video Games: Vintage Game Collectors Drive the Market

pac man screen

Video Games Have Come a Long Way Since 1980 but people still love Pac-Man!

  • The classic gaming systems like Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, and ColecoVision systems had a huge spike in popularity about five to ten years ago, and are still sought after by gamers and collectors.  Keep current on which systems are hot by searching eBay Completed Listings and looking at available pricing for games and consoles on Amazon
  • All vintage consoles and their games and accessories are available on Amazon, look in the video games: vintage platforms or search in the main Amazon search bar.
  • Take anything you can find for free.  Even broken consoles can be sold on eBay for parts.
  • Look for vintage gaming items at garage sales.  I have found and sold: posters, T-Shirts have sold for $20 – popular video game character T’s, manuals, magazine advertisements, books, and other advertising items.  I once found a Nintendo toy box in poor condition for $2 and sold it for $50 on eBay.
  • Many of the common condition items can easily be fixed for a low repair cost.  I have fixed several NES consoles with the “Nintendo Blink” disease by buying new cartridge ports for instance.  The cords on the Atari 2600 often went bad, too. You see them for free or $5-10 at garage sales, because they were in storage for 10 years, and when the owners bring them out and test them, and they don’t work.  Many times, the fixes are cheap and easy.
  • A lot of times, consoles are sold at garage sales with a bunch of games.  Even if the price seems a bit high for the console, you can usually get at least $3 apiece for the games, sometimes a lot more.

Sell Used Video Games: Vintage Handheld Video Games

vintage handheld video games

Vintage Handheld Video Games Show Up at Garage Sales Quite Often

  • I had been selling used video games for years, before I realized the value of some of the old handheld video games.  There is a very active collectors market for old handheld video games, like the items in the image to the right.
  • Many handheld games also have product pages on Amazon, and you will often be the only one that has one available.  I have sold quite a few handheld games on Amazon.
  • Vintage handheld video games with the original boxes and manuals can bring over $100. Last year, I found 8 handheld games from the 1980s at a garage sale for 10c each, and sold each one for over $25.

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