How to Sell Batteries, Electrical Cords and Chargers for Profit

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In this article, you will learn how to sell batteries, electrical cords and chargers for very high profit rates on Amazon and eBay.   Many sellers do not understand the value of these cheap and easy-to-find accessories, yet they are constantly in demand from consumers and they can yield tremendous profits.

I have sold dozens of these products for over $20 and I found most of the them for free in my home, at yard sales or along the roadside.  These valuable items can be found anywhere and can consistently earn you more money than books, CDs or other more commonly sold items.  There is little competition and people are always looking for them.

Why, you ask?  Well, think about it.  Almost all electrical items have replaceable cords or chargers.  All rechargeable batteries eventually need to be replaced.  Yet, many of these older replacement items can be hard to find, which makes the price higher.  Just last year, I found a rechargeable battery for a defibrillator in the trash for free and sold it in two days for $80.  You can sell batteries and cords, too.


What to Look For to Sell Batteries and Chargers for Profit


When looking for the best items for resale, the key is to think like a consumer.  What types of items are going to have to be replaced?  What do people own and will want to buy replacement accessories?  Chargers, batteries and cords for older collectible items can bring very high returns.  But, these items can also take a long time to sell.  On the other hand, more common items can sell within a day, but will not yield as much money.

Again, many of these items are discarded with broken goods.  I have salvaged tons of used batteries and AC cords from electrical items that died and sold them on Amazon for excellent money.  People are always looking to save money by buying a cord or charger for an item that they already own, instead of buying a whole new unit.  People also get attached to their outdated technology items and these items can be very hard to find replacement parts for.


Here are some types of batteries, chargers and power cords that I have sold successfully on Amazon:

  1. Rechargeable batteries for power tools
  2. Lithium batteries for items such as laptop computers
  3. Vintage video game charger cords and AC cords, especially the handheld models
  4. AC cords for vintage electrical toys, like remote controlled vehicles and slot cars
  5. Decorative collectible cords for electrical items and lights
  6. Replacement cords for modern consumer electrical items like coffee makers, vacuums, etc.

Many supposedly dead rechargeable NiCad batteries can be recharged with very little effort by using simple techniques.  You can find these batteries all the time and they can be resold for $20-40.


Where to Sell Batteries for the Highest Profit


I moved on from selling on eBay years ago. is a much better outlet for selling most used items than eBay, although eBay will sometimes allow you to sell items faster than on Amazon.

Amazon consistently yields double or triple the return on items than eBay.  I can confirm that after selling on both sites for years.   Selling on Amazon is also much easier.  You can list a used item in about thirty seconds.  For more info on becoming an Amazon seller, check out our article.


Here are the steps you take to sell batteries or electrical accessories on Amazon:

  1. Find the Part # on the item.  Many cords will have the number printed on the cord itself.  Batteries almost always have the number printed on the labels.
  2. Type the part number into the search bar on Amazon.
  3. Go to the Amazon product page and click the ‘Sell on Amazon’ link.
  4. Enter your price and describe the condition of your item.
  5. When your item sells, pack and ship to the buyer, using the Amazon shipping information.  You can buy USPS or UPS shipping labels right from your Amazon Seller Page.
  6. Sometimes the part number will not bring up the correct product and you may have to type in a manual search, i.e. ‘PowerStorm Battery’, or ‘Gameboy charger cord’.


That’s all there is to it.  Just list your items and collect your money as they sell.  Some sell quickly and some take a while, but most of these items can be found for free.   I love Almost Free Money!


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Selling Cords, Batteries and Chargers: Almost Free Money
In this article, you will learn how to sell batteries, electrical cords and chargers for very high profit rates on Amazon and eBay.
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