Sell Junk on Etsy and eBay

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 What Do You Mean, “Junk”?


Unbelieveable!  You can make significant money by learning to sell junk that you would normally throw in the trash or take to the recycling facility.  The trick is to know what to save.

There are many, many types of items that you can save in a small space and easily sell on Etsy and eBay as craft supplies.  Look at the top of the page.  Can you believe that beautiful purse (listed for $70) was made from used pull tabs?!  Yep, save your junk pull tabs and you could sell them to an Etsy seller, or even make similar craft items and sell them for over $100.



What Should I Save?


You would not believe all of the stuff that people buy.  You can sell junk to thousands of crafters on Etsy by saving stuff that you have thrown away for years.  You can also make some spending money by saving scrap metal and items that have a designated value on recycling websites, such as lithium batteries and printer cartridges.

Not to brag or anything, but I have compiled a nice selection of items that can be sold on Etsy and eBay in the bestseller Almost Free Money.  The $3 book (free on Kindle Unlimited) has over 550 items that can be sold and instructs you how to sell them on various sites.

After you check out AFM, the best way to find items to save is to start searching on Etsy.  Type everything into the search bar and see what you get back.  You can also look in the Steampunk category (more about this later) and look at what sellers are making art out of.  I mean, common stuff like rusty nails, old chains, vintage keys, even junk drawer contents can be sold on Etsy!

You can also sell junk containers and boxes on both Etsy and eBay.  Resellers will pay up to $50 for vintage boxes for Nike shoes, blue jeans, Star Wars toys, etc.  You can also sell many different containers to craft makers, artists and fishing fly makers.

Also, think about items that artists would want to use for scrapbooking tags or jewelry charms.  Items with cool-looking letters or numbers are popular.  Also look for people’s names, pop culture items and vintage sci-fi items.


How to Sell Junk to Steampunk Artists


There are always Steampunk artists and crafters looking for supplies on Etsy.  Steampunk art often contains old rusty pieces or futuristic pieces that look like science fiction illustrations.  I sell junk to artists all the time:  Radio tubes from junk electronics, rusty square nails, circuit boards, electronic tags, dials and handles, and other funky looking stuff.  Anything that looks cool may be able to be sold.


How to Sell Junk on Etsy


The #1 Kindle and Paperback Bestseller Etsy Empire offers extremely easy to follow instructions to getting started selling on Etsy.  It’s super easy to build an Etsy shop.  And, once you get started, you can just re-list your items when you save enough to list as a lot on Etsy.

Usually, it is easiest to sell in groups of materials in nice round numbers – ’10 Screw-On Coffee Containers’ or ‘500 Used Pull Tabs’.  All you have to do is wait until somebody buys your listing and then ship it to them, using the Etsy shipping service.


Examples of Trash that You can Sell for Good Money


  • Scrap Metal – Anything made of aluminum.  Save your copper cords!
  • Pull Tabs
  • Bottle Caps
  • Wine Bottles
  • Medication Bottles
  • Eye Droppers
  • Pump Top Containers
  • Any plastic containers with Screw Tops (Coffee, Peanut Butter, etc)
  • Rusty Items like Nails, Chains, Keys, etc.
  • Vintage Electronics Parts
  • Part Out Broken Appliances and Sell as Parts on eBay
  • Pine Cones
  • Lumber (Craigslist)
  • Scrabble tiles and Game Pieces
  • Playing Cards
  • Book Illustrations
  • Magazine Print Advertisements


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Sell Junk on Etsy and eBay
Unbelieveable! You can make significant money by learning to sell junk that you would normally throw in the trash or take to the recycling facility. The trick is to know what to save.
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