Trash from Treasure: Picking and Grinning 11/26/13

folkwear pattern

Picking and Grinning 11/26/13

In Picking and Grinning, we will discuss individual picking trips, how much time and money were spent picking, and the resulting benefits.  Hopefully, these discussions will help fellow thrift store flippers and yard sale pickers hone their skills and find the best treasure. This pick was just a fortunate opportunity.  I drove by a pile of litter in the woods.  As an avid hunter and fisherman, I hate seeing litter destroying the natural beauty of the state land where I live.  I stopped to pick up the trash, and noticed some items that had not been exposed to the elements yet.   folkwear pattern

Here is what I picked out of the boxes and the values:

Folkwear pattern pictured: $15 on Amazon

Folkwear pattern 2: $14.80 on Amazon Pana-Vue Slide Viewer: $24.80 (Sold on Amazon 11/27)

3 CDs: $6.50

MegaBloks Dragons DVD: $6 on Amazon

Salvation Army Carolers Book: $10.50 on Amazon

Muppets Tale of the Magi Book Advent Calendar with Ornaments: $13.85 on Amazon

4 High-end Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns: $15 on Etsy

SpiroGraph book from 1967: $10.50 on Amazon


Total listed from pick:  $88.50, plus bonuses Total Time Picking: 10 minutes Total Time Listing: 5-10 minutes Bonuses:  20 Brand new Christmas Cards with envelopes (to be used as our “:back-up” cards this year, in case we run out, a pair of brand new ear-rings and some French currency.  Also, the satisfaction of removing the litter from the woods and disposing of it properly.  For further tips on locating great items to sell and how to list them for maximum profit, please check out our books Passive Income for Life and Almost Free Money.

Spirograph book

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Treasure from Trash 11/26/13
Picking and Grinning 11/26/13. I picked $88 worth of inventory in 10 minutes from a trash pile in the woods. Here is how.
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