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Selling Used Media

Selling used media on the internet is a fun way to make excellent money.After selling thousands of media items at well over 500% profit, we can offer advice on how to find cheap used media, and where to sell used media for cash.


Making The Transition From Selling on eBay to Selling on Amazon


Selling Used Video Games is Hot!

Selling Used Books May Not Be as Exciting, but can be Worth More Money


Selling Used Media: What to Buy

 This page is a hub for our other web pages, which detail specific areas of selling used media.Each web page provides tips on finding used media items to sell on the internet, how to get the best prices when buying used media, how to sell used items on eBay and Amazon, and how to package and ship used items to your customers.Here is a list of categories of used media items to look for at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets:
  • Selling Used Books
  • Selling Textbooks on Amazon
  • Selling Used CDs
  • Selling Used Video Games
  • Selling Used Movies: DVDs,VHS. Selling used DVDs is much more profitable, but you can sell used VHS movies on eBay in lots, or rare VHS movies can bring up to $50 on Amazon.

Other media items that you can find at garage sales and sell on the internet include:

  • Used Vinyl Records – LPs and 45 RPMs
  • Used Music Cassette Tapes – Hard to sell on Amazon, but you can sell in lots on eBay
  • Older formats like 8-tracks can be sold on eBay.  Old movie formats like LaserDisks, and BetaMax can also be sold, sometimes for high profits. They have to be desirable titles.
  • Used vintage computer software and video games for vintage computers like the old Apple II and Commodore 64 can bring some nice cash.  You can also sell accessories, manuals and video games in the vintage computer category on eBay.  There are also a lot of Amazon product pages for these vintage items, and you will often have the only copy, so you set your own price and see if it sells at a high price, say $50 or $100.  We have sold a number of old PC games and software items for over $50 on Amazon.
  • Blank Media for vintage formats can be sold on both eBay and Amazon, and you can make more than what you would think.  Even packages of sealed 3.5″ floppies make good money.
  • Selling used media storage cases such as CD and DVD storage cases can bring excellent money on Amazon, and you can also sell them quickly on eBay.  We have found many of the 90-CD cases at thrift stores for $2-3, and sold them on Amazon for $30-40.  The rotating CD and DVD cases and wooden cases bring $40-60, depending on how many CDs or DVDs they hold.  You may have to make your own Amazon listing.


Used Books can be Found for 25 cents, and a 1st Pressing copy of The Hobbit recently sold on eBay for $8100!

Popular Video Game Titles can Sell in Minutes for $50 on Amazon or with eBay BIN Auctions.  

Quick Cash in your Pocket!

Popular CD Titles like this Taylor Swift CD can also Sell Quickly on eBay

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Selling Used Media
The author of Passive Income for Life discusses building a business selling used media items such as books, video games, CDs, DVD movies, CDs and LP records.
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