Thrift Wars Available on Amazon Kindle

Thrift Wars cover

We are inviting you to help us celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated Almost Free Money series book ‘Thrift Wars‘ !    Thrift Wars features 14-year seller experiences and instruction for reselling items found at thrift stores for maximum profit online.  Thrift Wars is illustrated with actual thrift store items found and their sales prices…

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Amazon FBA for Beginners

Passive Income for Life

I have been an Amazon seller for about seven years and I am now getting ready to make the jump to selling on Amazon FBA.  I hope to post a series of Amazon FBA for Beginners blog posts about the process and let you know how things go. Just a bit of background… I sell…

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Selling Used Toys: Work at Home Mom’s Jackpot

selling on amazon fba

Selling used toys can be an outstanding source of income for any work at home Mom (WAHM) or Dad.  Have used toys that your kids have outgrown?  Don’t even think about selling them at a yard sale for 10c each.  What are you, crazy?!  I have made over $50,000 reselling yard sale and thrift store toys…

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Kindle Unlimited for Authors

Kindle Unlimited cover

 How to Get Maximum Royalties – Kindle Unlimited for Authors   Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s new subscription service – readers can borrow unlimited books for $9.99 a month.  With the launch of the new service and a free 30 day trial period, authors are seeing their book sales decline as readers opt to borrow books…

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Sell Junk on Etsy and eBay

pull tab purse

       What Do You Mean, “Junk”?   Unbelieveable!  You can make significant money by learning to sell junk that you would normally throw in the trash or take to the recycling facility.  The trick is to know what to save. There are many, many types of items that you can save in a…

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