eBay Packaging for Sellers: Increase Customer Loyalty, Decrease Negative Feedbacks

ebay packaging boxes

eBay packaging is a very important part of your internet selling business. We will discuss methods for building customer loyalty and business efficiency by establishing smart packaging practices.   eBay Packaging Tips   1. Your brand and feedback rating both depend directly on your customers receiving quality items!  You cannot eliminate all breakage by shipping companies, but…

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Top 7 New Home Business Ideas

Here are the Top 7 New Home Business Ideas for Internet Sellers. We have completed thousands of hours of research and purchased dozens of informational products, while looking for the best home business ideas and internet selling niches.   In order to be considered as viable and therefore included in the Top 7 New Home Business Ideas,…

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Free Gold at Garage Sales

Almost Free Money cover

You can often find free gold at garage sales and yard sales.  The we have found over $5,000 of items sold on Amazon, eBay and Etsy in free boxes at garage sales, rummage sales, and estate sales over the last 10 years.We will teach you how to find all kinds of valuable items for free at garage…

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Thrift Store Treasure 3: October 2015

hummel christmas tree topper

October was a great month for selling used music.  We sold a lot of CDs, Cassettes and LP records in the $8-14 range, plus some that sold for more than that – listed below.  Halloween items were also flying off the shelf – we sold Halloween mugs, display pieces and cassettes for very good profit.…

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Thrift Shop Treasure September 2015

Selling Cassette Tapes on Amazon

Let’s talk about the most profitable thrift shop treasure that we sold on Amazon during September 2015. We provide these examples of profits from our Amazon store to help other thrift store and yard sale re-sellers locate the best items from thrift stores to sell on Amazon and also to sell on Amazon FBA.  Most of…

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