Selling Used Books

selling books on amazon

  Selling used books is easy and very profitable. We will teach you how to find used books to sell and how to sell used books on eBay and on Amazon Used Books site.  We have been finding used books at garage sales and selling them on eBay and Amazon for 12 years.  We have sold…

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Selling Used Clothing Online

selling vintage clothes

Selling Used Clothing Online for Profit on eBay and Etsy       Selling used clothing is an excellent way to make money.  Best of all, we all have a continuous supply of used clothes to sell, especially if we have children!   Garage sale clothes and thrift store clothes can also be sold on eBay…

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Selling Mid Century Modern Items

mid century modern 101

Selling Mid Century Modern Items   Selling Mid Century Modern items can be very profitable and you can learn to find many items at garage sales for under $1!The two most important things that an internet seller has to learn is 1) How to identify pieces that are the most sought-after from this period, and 2) How to effectively sell mid…

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Selling Vintage TShirts

Vintage Star Wars T-Shirt

Selling Vintage T-Shirts   Selling vintage T-Shirts can be very profitable, and most people don’t know how much they can be worth.We provide tips for finding vintage T-shirts at garage sales and thrift stores, and how to tell originals from modern copies. Selling Vintage TShirts: How to Make a Quick $100. The Top 5 Things to…

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Selling Used CDs

selling used CDs

Selling Used CDs for Cash   12 Year veterans selling used CDs on eBay and Amazon teach internet sellers tricks of the trade and which high value CDs to look for at garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and other second-hand locations. When I first got into internet selling from home 15 years ago, I thought it…

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