Maximizing Amazon FBA Holiday Sales


Amazon FBA sellers all know that the holiday season (Q4) is by far the most productive time of the year for sales and moving inventory.  What can Amazon sellers do to take advantage of the customer buying frenzy that the holidays provide?  Let’s take a look at some ideas that can help all sellers plan…

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Etsy Empire Strikes Back Now Live on Amazon

Etsy Empire Strikes Back

Etsy Empire Strikes Back is now available on Kindle.  The second volume in the Etsy Empire series has been in production for over six months and it is finally available for purchase today. Readers made Etsy Empire, volume 1 the #1 bestselling book on Amazon for over 14 months and it received over 70 five…

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Thrift Store Treasure 3: October 2015

hummel christmas tree topper

October was a great month for selling used music.  We sold a lot of CDs, Cassettes and LP records in the $8-14 range, plus some that sold for more than that – listed below.  Halloween items were also flying off the shelf – we sold Halloween mugs, display pieces and cassettes for very good profit.…

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Selling Cassette Tapes on Amazon FBA: A Case Study

Selling cassettes

Do you want in on a secret? You can find cassette tapes for under 25c a piece and sell them for $35, or more.  How’s that for profit margin?! The trick is to know how to get them for dirt cheap and then understand how to sell them online for large profits. I know what…

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Thrift Wars Available on Amazon Kindle

Thrift Wars cover

We are inviting you to help us celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated Almost Free Money series book ‘Thrift Wars‘ !    Thrift Wars features 14-year seller experiences and instruction for reselling items found at thrift stores for maximum profit online.  Thrift Wars is illustrated with actual thrift store items found and their sales prices…

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Selling Used Toys: Work at Home Mom’s Jackpot

selling on amazon fba

Selling used toys can be an outstanding source of income for any work at home Mom (WAHM) or Dad.  Have used toys that your kids have outgrown?  Don’t even think about selling them at a yard sale for 10c each.  What are you, crazy?!  I have made over $50,000 reselling yard sale and thrift store toys…

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Etsy Empire Book #1 on Kindle

Etsy Empire cover

Etsy Empire was released earlier this month on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.   Etsy sellers are raving about the contents of the first ever complete guidebook pertaining to selling on  The price is very affordable at only $2.99 (currently) on Kindle and around $10 on paperback.  Comparable guides are selling for over $50 on the…

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How to Find Gold and Silver at Thrift Shops

scrap sterling silver image

You can find Gold and Silver at thrift stores anywhere in the world.  The trick is to find the best stores and then learn how to find the hidden treasures among the piles of worthless stuff at most of these stores. In metropolitan areas, it can be really tough to find precious metals in the large…

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Selling Used Clothing Online

selling vintage clothes

Selling Used Clothing Online for Profit on eBay and Etsy       Selling used clothing is an excellent way to make money.  Best of all, we all have a continuous supply of used clothes to sell, especially if we have children!   Garage sale clothes and thrift store clothes can also be sold on eBay…

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Top 10 Money Making Garage Sale Items

Garage Sale Sign

The author of Almost Free Money and Etsy Empire provides a countdown list of the Top 10 Money Making Garage Sale Items for garage sale shoppers and investors to look for and how to sell them on the internet. We have shopped at thousands of garage sales, and sold over 12,000 garage sale finds on Amazon, Etsy and…

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Selling on Amazon FBA: Top 5 Lies the Big Fish Tell Prospective FBAers

selling on amazon fba logo

Anybody can start selling on Amazon FBA and start increasing profits very quickly.  Yet, many books and blogs about Amazon FBA give internet sellers many reasons why they shouldn’t or can’t start selling on FBA.  Are the “big fish” trying to reduce competition and scare new FBA sellers away in order to keep profit margins…

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Eureka! Top 5 Places to Find Gold and Silver at Yard Sales

scrap sterling silver image

All yard sale flippers and prospectors love to find gold and silver hidden at yard sales and garage sales.  But, where are the best places to consistently find carat gold and find sterling silver among the piles of worthless junk that people are trying to get rid of?  You’d be surprised where the best places are!  In…

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eBay Packaging and Shipping Tips for Sellers

ebay packaging boxes

    eBay Packaging and Shipping Tips and Etsy Packaging Tips 1.  Your brand and feedback rating both depend directly on your customers receiving quality items!  You cannot eliminate all breakage by shipping companies, but there should be very few packages that you send that end up having broken contents. DO NOT SKIMP ON PADDING! Do…

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Selling Used Books Online: Top 5 Tips to Maximize Book Selling Profit

selling books on amazon

Selling used books online is more competitive than ever before, but you can easily increase your profits and make a great passive income by adhering to several very important  tips. In this blog post, you will learn how a 15-Year veteran of selling books manages a business and decides what types of books to buy…

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