Selling Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Vintage Christmas Decorations

Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments


November and early December dates are the best days for selling vintage Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations on Ebay and Amazon.  Some of these collectible items can sell for big bucks.  My aunt recently found a vintage Advent calendar for $1 and sold it in a week for $78.  That is not uncommon for Christmas collectibles.

If you are over about 30 years old, you understand exactly why people want these vintage Christmas decorations.  They bring back Christmas memories from your childhood.  Everybody had favorite Christmas decorations and ornaments from when they were growing up.  Many people would pay a lot of hard-earned cash to replace broken heirlooms or to locate rare items that they find in old family Christmas photos.

Shiny Brite ornaments

          Where to Find Vintage Christmas Decorations

It is actually surprisingly easy to find old Christmas decorations, and you can often find them for free!  I can’t tell you how many 20-30 year old ornaments and knick-knacks I have picked out of Free boxes at garage sales and yard sales.  I have found dozens more for 10 cents or 25 cents apiece.

It is also common for thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army to break out their vintage Christmas stuff after Thanksgiving.  Again, most of this stuff is priced 25 cents to $2.  Sometimes, you can even find whole vintage nativity sets for under $5!

Selling Vintage Christmas Items for Profit

There are several things that you can do as an internet seller to dramatically increase your profits when selling Christmas items.  #1 – Do your research!  For every hour that you spend picking, you should be spending an hour looking at eBay Completed Listings, so that you know what is selling well and what you can expect to learn when you list them.

Vintage Wooden Ornaments

Again, it is easy to find 1980s Christmas items.  This stuff is everywhere.  Not all of it sells on eBay.  Remember that you have to prepare your items, photograph them, list them and package them after the sale.  Set a minimum amount of profit that you want to make for each item sold.  If you can’t make $5 on an item, don’t buy it.



The exception is this:  You can do very well by bundling a group of similar decorations or ornaments.  Lots of Shiny-Brite ornaments can easily sell for $20 and the 1950s-60s wooden ornaments can also do well.

eBay has its own category for vintage Christmas decor and there is another one for ornaments.  Make sure that you look to see which category similar items are selling the best in!

The second thing that you can do to raise ending bid prices is know how to effectively sell vintage Christmas decorations.  Look at other veteran sellers listings.  Notice how they photograph and arrange their items.  Use similar collectible terms in your auctions and put similar keywords in your auction titles so that bidders find your auction.


Vintage Christmas Collectibles:  What to Look For

I am not an expert on Christmas collectibles, but I can tell you what we have sold that has done very well.  For vintage ornaments, look for 1980s Hallmark ornaments in the boxes.  You can find these at thrifts sometimes.  Also the newer themed Hallmark ornaments like Star Wars and other movies can sell for $30-50.  They can also be listed on Amazon for free.

Any ornaments from the 1960s and earlier can at least be bundled for good profits.  Also the Shiny Brite ornaments and other large ornate glass ornaments do very well.  

Look for the vintage nativity sets, especially the larger ones.  Even if they are missing pieces (Jesus is often missing), you can still sell the other pieces individually.  Christmas village buildings and figures can sell for up to $100 for hard to find pieces.  Check eBay to see which brands are selling the best.  

Other items to look for:  Christmas tree toppers and angels, the large vintage Christmas lights (especially with the boxes), wooden nutcrackers, rocking horses, any wooden Christmas tree ornaments (not the modern reproductions), large figurine pieces, anything vintage that lights up, the hollow-core Santa figures, anything that is pop culture-related (like rock-n-roll ornaments, movie characters, etc), Advent calendars, old Christmas cards (older than 1960), even old unused wrapping paper can be valuable.

Selling Vintage Christmas Decorations on Etsy is another really cool way to sell old Christmas items.  Etsy specializes in vintage collectibles and crafts, so you can do really well selling Christmas items there.  This is especially true if you can use what you have found for making crafts out of (and making crafts from vintage Christmas stuff is very popular).   

If you have an Etsy shop, the retro Christmas listings make your store look awesome. They are colorful and unique.  Plus, Etsy listings have large item photos and you can build an inventory and you only pay .30 for a 3 month listing.  I actually prefer Etsy over eBay for selling most vintage and retro items.

Selling Vintage Christmas Decorations on Amazon

 Amazon is another place where you can sell vintage Christmas decorations for large profits.  the best thing is that many sellers do not even know that you can sell those types of items there.  Many popular items like Hallmark ornaments, Christmas village buildings, ceramic trinkets like Precious Moments and even lights and tree toppers can be sold on Amazon and for usually higher profits than on eBay.  Plus, you can list the items for free!

If you have the original box, all you have to do is enter in the UPC code in the search bar and find the item.  Then, go into the item listing page and click ‘Sell Item’.  If you don;t have the box, you can still usually find the item by doing a descriptive search.  I have also had very good luck selling high value items by making a new Amazon item page – you have to be a Professional Seller ($40/Month) to be able to create listings.


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