Top 7 New Home Business Ideas

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Here are the Top 7 New Home Business Ideas for Internet Sellers. We have completed thousands of hours of research and purchased dozens of informational products, while looking for the best home business ideas and internet selling niches.


In order to be considered as viable and therefore included in the Top 7 New Home Business Ideas, the niche must:

  • Have a large and consistent demand from consumers / clients.
  • Have a market that is NOT flooded with other business owners.
  • Have low start-up costs.
  • Be easy to learn.  They should not be overly technical.
  • Be effective, regardless of location.


#7  Selling Public Domain Items:



There are literally millions of items that have expired copyrights and are now in the public domain, and are free for business-people to use for making their own informational products for profit!  The possibilities are endless.

Package several old books into a new e-book and sell it on Amazon Kindle.  Make a YouTube video and make money with AdSense advertising.  Start a website and charge subscription fees.  Sell images as posters or collections of artwork.

For serious entrepreneurs, the best Public Domain tool is the Public Domain Toolbar 2.0.  It will search 85 million works and find exactly what you are looking for and then aid you in verifying copyright information.


Extremely diverse options. You can make whatever type of product that you want, and market it as your own.

Potential for very high profits, if you are a good marketer.

Can be a lot of fun and an outlet for you to use your creativity in a productive manner.

You can find items on the internet. You never have to leave your home.


You have to have some creativity, or work with somebody else that is creative.

You must verify that certain items are past copyright to use them.  There is some research involved.


#6:  Selling Used Clothing on eBay and Etsy:  Fun Home Business Ideas


Vintage Star Wars shirt

Vintage T-shirts like this Star Wars: A New Hope T can sell for over $100 on eBay or


Selling vintage clothing is hot.  Despite that, there really is not a lot of competition in most venues!  This can be a very enjoyable niche to sell in, if you are interested in fashion and shopping.  It’s an excellent way to make additional profit, and if you are already an eBay seller, you can add this niche into your portfolio.

Many vintage clothing items are selling very well on eBay.  Vintage blue jeans and denim jackets occasionally sell for thousands of dollars.  Our Selling Used Clothing webpage is one of our most popular blog posts and is an excellent starting point for learning about this fun and profitable niche.


The potential of finding valuable garments is higher than in some of the other Top 7 New Home Business Ideas for Internet Sellers.  People do not know how much their old clothes can be worth!


You can find used and vintage clothes everywhere and they are usually CHEAP.  Sometimes you can even get them for free.

Demand is growing quickly.  Some of the vintage and retro-style clothing is very popular now, and is even more popular overseas.

You can really establish a niche by specializing in one aspect of used clothing like vintage T-shirts, hats, dresses or shoes.


You have to do some research to find out what people are buying (But that’s kind of fun, sometimes)

There is some minor prep time – you have to wash the clothes and sometimes make minor repairs.  Auction listings take some time, as well.

Average profit per item may not be as high as some of the other niches.



#5:  High Profit Scrap Metal


Description:  Selling scrap metal is an excellent niche for many reasons.  There is an unlimited supply.  Your profits are only limited by your effort and time spent.

Once you start learning how to find the “good stuff”, high profit scrap metal can be found anywhere.  People will just give it to you for FREE.  Often, you can even have people PAY YOU TO TAKE IT.  That’s right. They have no idea of the value that is contained inside  some vintage junk, so they will pay you to haul it away!  Their loss is your gain.

High profit scrap metal is the most profitable form of scrapping.  You can very quickly learn how to find the highest yielding scrap found in FREE materials, including gold at over $1660/ounce, platinum, silver, carbide steel, and other high-profit scrap.  This can easily become your one and only niche and become a full-time business.

If you are the type that likes being outside and taking apart machinery, this is the niche for you.  I personally really enjoy smashing stuff!


You can find it anywhere

You can a find literally tons of it, and all metal is worth money.

You can get paid to collect it

You don’t have to make eBay listings. Just haul it to the scrap metal dealer, or the precious metals dealer for your gold, silver, and platinum


It is more manual labor than some of the other niches

You will get dirty occasionally


#4:  Reconditioning Batteries and Selling Used Batteries


Description:  This niche is #7 because it is very profitable and there is almost ZERO competition.  Very few people know about this Top 7 home business idea for internet sellers and even fewer know how to do it.

Imagine the possibilities in this niche.  How many power tool batteries do repair shops and contractors got through in a year?  How about car batteries in auto shops?  How many batteries are taken out of laptop computers?  You can resell those reconditioned batteries for $30-50 on the internet.

I mean, think about it.  Even if you save one or two of your own batteries, you are paying for the information in this book by not having to buy those expensive batteries.  Plus you can save your family and friends hundreds of dollars!


A HUGELY untapped potential for inventory

Large profit per unit

Competition not likely to increase.



You cannot find this information anywhere but in the report.

You can recharge most batteries with household supplies and stuff you already have, but in order to start a business, you will want to buy some additional equipment (It’s not very expensive).

In order to get an inventory, you will have to network with people, or talk to them on the telephone.


#3:  Talk About What You Love: Publishing and Blogging for Profit


6Figure Description:  This is a no-brainer.  If you make a living doing what you love, you should put everything that you have into it, right?

That’s why we started the Blog here at EricMichaelBooks.  We love to go garage sale shopping and find treasure!  If we get paid for talking about that, it’s even better.

You can make money in a variety of ways:  You can start your own website (It’s much easier than you would think, if you haven’t done it).  I had no experience at all before I started this blog.

You can also start a blog, and earn money by with advertising income, advertising physical products, or linking to other websites who sell stuff.  You can write a book or e-book, make a video.  They can all be very profitable.




Well, you should love “going to work”!

Your niche may be brand new and wildly successful

You are the boss.  You can do whatever you want

May result in huge sense of accomplishment.  This is your baby!


You have to learn processes to build websites or publish e-books.  But, if I can do it, so can anybody else!

Can be very time consuming.

Can overtake other aspects of your life.  You can get too wrapped up in your business.


#2:  Selling Used Media Items


Description:  Selling used books, video games, music, movies, and other media items is very profitable. You can find inventory at garage sales and thrift shops for under $1, and there is potential for the occasional collectible media item to sell for thousands of dollars on the internet.

You can easily start your own internet bookstore in one weekend, at a very low cost.

This is a great niche for college students, who can easily sell textbooks on Amazon for up to $150, and also often have access to used video games, movies, and CDs, that they can sell for themselves, or their friends.

Garage Sale Academy offers instructional pages on selling used media, selling used books, selling used video games, and selling used CDs.


You can find inventory everywhere, and usually for 10c to $1.

Media items are easy to sell on Amazon, and probably the easiest category of items to package and ship. There are smartphone apps that give you the value of the media items before you buy them.

Potential for high-yield collectibles.


If you don’t have a smartphone, there is a learning curve in finding quality items.  There are a lot of penny books and CDs at garage sales and thrift stores.

Can be more competition than in other niches.  This is the “Bread and Butter” for many internet sellers because it is profitable over time.


#1:  Flipping Garage Sale Finds and Flipping Thrift Store Finds


Description:  This is what ties niches #7 – #2 together.  You can find content that can be sold using the other niches at garage sales and thrift shops at very low prices, and sometimes even for free.

The Almost Free Money series describes how to find the best items at these locations, and how to sell them for the most money on the internet.


Huge variety of low cost inventory, fun to do, relatively little competition, no start-up costs besides payment for items, you can find bargains for your own family, meeting friends, exploring new places, potential to find high-value items, you can do this anywhere.


Vehicle mileage and fuel expense

Weekends only, for garage sales.


That concludes our countdown list of profitable home business ideas.  Pick out one niche to try or better yet, use a combination of these Top 7 home business ideas for internet sellers!

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