Thrift Store Treasure 3: October 2015

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October was a great month for selling used music.  We sold a lot of CDs, Cassettes and LP records in the $8-14 range, plus some that sold for more than that – listed below.  Halloween items were also flying off the shelf – we sold Halloween mugs, display pieces and cassettes for very good profit.  The highlight was the ceramic Spooky Hollow Horse set sold for about $23. We also sold 6 of our boys’ old Halloween costumes on eBay for a total of about $65.

We just shipped out another Amazon FBA package with over 500 cassettes and DVDs – there were some real bonuses in the cassette lot – quite a few cassettes listed for $20-35.


Thrift Store Treasure 3: Details with Profit Percentages

Here are some of our top thrift store and yard sale items sold on Amazon during September 2015:

Item                                                                     Bought For:           Location:         Price Sold:        Profit %

  • Bible on Cassette Set 24 Tapes                     6c                   eBay Lot               $59.95        149975%
  • Loretta Lynn Lookin Good Cassette            6c                   eBay Lot               $16.50        27400%
  • Blues for Red Sun Kyuss CD                        Free                Home                   $14.95          Inf.
  • Twisted Sister Stay Hungry Cassette          4c                   eBay Lot              $13.94           34750%
  • Run DMC Raising Hell Cassette                  4c                   eBay Lot              $19.95           49975%
  • Journey Greatest Hits Cassette                    4c                   eBay Lot              $16.90           29840%
  • The Round World Hardcover Book            Free                Yard Sale             $19.40           Inf.
  • Back to the Future Sdtrk Cassette               4c                   eBay Lot              $19.90            49600%
  • Spooky Hollow Horse and Carriage            10c                 Yard Sale             $22.90            22800%
  • Guide to Macrofungi Book                            10c                 Thrift Store         $22.00            21900%
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