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Selling Amazon textbooks can make you a lot of money, and they can be found for CHEAP at garage sales and in thrift store books sections.

Before you read the information on this page on selling Amazon text books, please read several related webpages FIRST.  They provide background information that you need to know before you concentrate on the specialized area of selling used textbooks:


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General Tips for Selling Amazon Textbooks


OK.  Now that we are on the same page, let’s discuss some general tips for selling Amazon textbooks.  college textbooks funny

  • Make sure that you are very familiar with the Amazon Condition guidelines for selling used textbooks.  See Below.
  • It’s very difficult to sell used texts that rate under VG on Amazon.  Do not buy texts in that are in poor condition (loose bindings, missing pages, ripped covers, profuse highlighting).
  • Minor highlighting, underlining and/or notes are OK in used texts, but make sure that you describe those issues in the item description.
  • Describe condition ACCURATELY. It is not worth getting a negative feedback from your customer to make a couple extra dollars by over-exaggerating the condition of the book.
  • Get hooked up with the Amazon Price Check app for your smart phone or Android device. It allows you to check the price before buying. Both items are available on our Used Book page.
  • Understand the current textbook system. Most hardcover texts are reissued with a new edition every year so that textbook publishers can rip off college kids.  Even though new texts can run $150, a used text that is 3 years old may only be worth a couple bucks.
  • I have found and sold more softcover texts than hardcover. They tend to not be reissued as often and sometimes old softcover texts can still be worth $20. Also some were only printed for one semester and are rare and valuable.  You can also find softcover texts for cheap, compared to hardcover texts.
  • When looking for texts, look for college bookstore marks.  Some trade-sized softcovers that get used for textbooks are worth good money.
  • Look for high value texts like medical texts, professional trade textbooks, high level mathematics, physics, etc.


Selling Amazon Used Textbooks

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“Woo-Hoo! We Just Sold all of our Floormates’ Un-bought Texts on Amazon for $350!!  Par-tay!!”

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AMAZON TEXTBOOK SELLERS FAQ’s*** BOOK CONDITION ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES ***  Amazon text books can be a source of excellent money, especially if you can find them for cheap at garage sales.  Thrift store books can be another avenue for finding texts for $1, or even cheaper.

The great thing about selling used Amazon textbooks is that you can often find used text books at a garage sale in August, and sell them within a week at a nice profit when students are buying books before the Fall semester begins.

You can often flip used textbooks quicker than other books and at higher profits.  For further discussion on selling used Amazon text books, see our Money for College Students page.


Where to Find Amazon Text Books to Sell

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Yes, I know ‘Paid’ is misspelled, I didn’t make it.  It’s still funny.


  • Garage Sales and Yard Sales:  I have found a LOT of good textbooks at garage sales.  College students tried to sell their books at their local college bookstore, but could not.  So, they think the books are worthless.  Guess again!  Your Amazon textbooks will be available worldwide.  Be careful, though.  There are lots of $1 texts for every $50 text, so have your smart phone with you to price check. AND if you have read other pages on this site, you know:  CHECK THE FREE BOXES.  I have found at least 25 textbooks worth over $40 in free boxes in the last couple of years.
  • Thrift Stores:  You MUST have a price checker to buy texts at thrift store books sections.  There are tons of garbage texts from 10 years ago there. But, you can find some really good used textbooks to sell.  Look for hardcover texts printed in the last 2 years (3 max).  I have found many more softcover texts at thrifts. They don’t tend to get hit as hard by competitors, and some are rare.  Looks for titles that make you think, “Who would study THAT!”  Hardcover texts are hard to pick at a $2-3 buy price.  You should be able to get softcover texts for $1 or under.
  • Storage Units:  These can be really good places to find boxes of used texts, especially units from college towns.
  • Word of Mouth or Craigslist ads:  Tell people you will possibly give them money for texts they can’t sell. They provide you a list with ISBN’s of what they have, you give them a price quote.
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