Picking and Grinning 1/8/14

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Megatron Transformers PowerBot – $48 Used



Picking and Grinning 1/8/14

In this episode of Picking and Grinning, I will tell you how I had an excellent pick, just by listing used toys from my kids’ toy box!

The best part about this pick is that… well actually, there are two things that are great.  #1, the boys get to use the proceeds to get new toys or an Xbox One game.  #2, we had to clean out the toy boxes anyway, so we might as well make some money on the stuff, right?

Now, keep in mind that this stuff is not collectible items for the most part.  These are our boys’ toys that they don’t play with anymore or outgrew.  Why do these used toys sell for so much on Amazon any why do they sell so fast?

Kids love these toys and parents cannot find them anymore.  Most of these toys are 5-6 years old and they are either out of stock or are priced out of most people’s price range, so used toys are in high demand for popular items like Transformers, superheroes, Legos, etc.

So, just before Christmas, the boys and I cleaned out several garbage bags full of toys that they said that they did not play with anymore.  Honestly, I was going to take the bags to Goodwill, but then I thought – let’s see if I can find the toys on Amazon and see if they are worth selling there.  I was surprised at the value of the toys and how quickly some of them sold!  

Here are some of the highlights of the items that I listed on Amazon in about i hour (these items take longer to find on Amazon, unless you know the exact title of the toy):

Transformer Powerbots Megatron, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime: $101 ($28.50 x 2, $54)

Power Rangers Gold Mask: $16

Toy Story View Master Binoculars: $15

2- Iron Man Repulsor Electronic Shooters: $54  (Sold one in 24 hours)

Thomas the Train Cars and Sets (listed 12 trains, 2 sets)  $138   (In 3 days, sold one set for $24, two trains for $28 and some track for $8)

One large bag of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars 1982-2011 listed individually: $56

Batman BatWing with action figure : $13

Safari Limited 6″ Animals (Zoo souvenirs) Polar Bear, Crocodile and Giraffe:  $17

Barricade RV10 Nerf Gun: $13 (sold in 2 days)

Imaginext Batman Batcycle: $3 (sold in 1 day)

CandyLand game: $6 (sold in 4 hours)

Batman BatCopter with figure: $16 (sold in 2 days)

Thomas the Train Tidmouth Sheds: $22 (sold in 2 hours)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Foot Soldier from 1988: $19.95  (sold almost immediately, should have priced it higher)


Picking and Grinning Results:

Total listed from pick:  $493.55.  Sold within one week: $111.95. Total Time Picking: 1 Hour. Total Time Listing: 1 Hour

This was a great pick and we made room for the new toys that the boys got for Christmas!  Many of the items listed for more than the original new buy price for the toys due to current availability.  I also traded a bagful of toys for 3 Playstation 2 controllers and 3 bags and took another box to Goodwill, which earned a 10% off coupon and will be written off during tax returns.

For further tips on locating great items to sell and how to list them for maximum profit, please check out our books Passive Income for Life and Almost Free Money.

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Picking and Grinning 1/8/14: Selling Used Toys
Picking and Grinning 1/8/14: How I listed $493.55 selling used toys on Amazon by cleaning out my kids' toy box.
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