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Here is a brief overview of the new YouTube video for Passive Income for Life, a number one Amazon bestseller in the home business category.  The book has been download over 3000 times in five months.

The new passive income YouTube video has been viewed over 6000 times in three days and has been liked over 100 times.

I received a very nice letter on my YouTube email from a viewer yesterday:

Hi Eric,

My name is Alex and I am based over in the wet UK. Just want to say that I have read three of your books now and love it. Just literally finished Passive Income For Life (making $50,000 cash machine on which I brought the paperback.
I like the fact you give it as it is in your books. I have read lots of make-money-online books which claim you just have put up few blogs with few ads and money pour in – which unfortunately it doesn’t. You however are honest about the amount of work, etc needed to make money, but the rewards are great.

Anyhow, look forward more videos of yours as and when you release them
Your UK Fan

 The Passive Income for Life YouTube video has also gotten several nice comments in the last couple of days:

Yuosra Belabas

Interesting………… Sounds too good to be true

Who knows? For $3, why not give it a flyer?

Annie Davis

Sounds sweet. Might have to DL this one

Jalen Thomas

A great book. Came back here to leave a comment so others can take advantage of it. The book is easy to understand and I have already started adding inventory and even made my first sale today! $28 profit on a 50c item!

Rosangela Vaz

The reviews sound promising…..

Jason Poore

Went and ordered it – can’t wait to read it


Passive Income for Life: New Passive Income YouTube Video
Passive Income for Life: New Passive Income YouTube Video

New passive income video on YouTube for #1 Amazon bestseller Passive Income for Life by Eric Michael. Learn how to build a passive income business for $3

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