Learn How to Research New Income Sources

  1. Write an eBook.

This can be a lot of work, but once the eBook is created and advertised it can provide you with a passive revenue stream for years. You can either sell the eBook on your website or offer it as an associate arrangement with other websites that provide content related to your eBook.

  1. Sell your own products on the internet.

The opportunities here are endless — you can sell just about any product or service that you like. It could be a product you have created and can produce on your own, or it could be digital.

You can set up a devoted website for this product or service unless of course, you have a website or blog already in place. Alternatively, you can also sell it on an affiliate basis, either by offering it directly to websites and blogs related to your product or service or through a platform such as Click Bank.

If you make a lot of money in your existing job and you’re not sure that you can make a similar amount by selling products virtually, think again.

You can learn to sell products online too and make fairly a bit of money. While it’s not entirely unreceptive, it’s certainly more passive than getting up and heading out the door to work every morning!

  1. Set up a website selling a product.

If there is a product that you are mostly educated about, you may be able to sell it on a dedicated website. The method is similar to what you would use for your product, except that you will not concern yourself with product creation, but only with the sale of someone else’s product.

You may even find after a while that you can add other products that are related. If that happens, the site could generate substantial revenues.

If you can have the product drop transported to consumers directly from the producer, you won’t even have to get your hands dirty. That may not be 100% passive, but it’s darn close.

  1. Write a book and collect royalties.

Writing an eBook, there’s a lot of work upfront. But once that’s completed, and the book goes into the deals and trading stage, it becomes a completely passive venture.

This states completely and true if you can sell the book to a publisher who will pay you royalties for the distribution and sale of the book. You’ll get a proportion of each sale made, and if the book is honestly popular, the royalties could be considerable and significant. Just as important, the royalties can continue flowing for many years.

  1. Freelancing for Professionals

Freelancing is a fantastic option for professionals and many others who are experts in their respective jobs and know how to ensure consumer satisfaction. Numerous freelancing and project-oriented sites allow businesses that need help to label their projects. Freelancers and small businesses offer bids, ideas or proposals, from which the buyers can choose what they find most apt.

  1. E-tuitions/Webinars

The demand for teachers is high and mounting. So, if you like helping others learn, e-teaching could be the receiving ticket for you. All you need to become an online teacher is proficiency in your subject and a few spare hours per week. TutorVista, e-tutor, SmartThinking, and Tutor.com are some of the sites you can enroll with. If you gain a good status as a coach, you could even conduct Webinars-lectures or sessions transmitted over the Net. College and college students are willing to pay to gain entry to a well-respected Webinar.