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Eric Michael is the author of the series.  Check out the complete selection of with descriptions and ordering links.There is also contact information below for media appearances and guest blogging opportunities.

What is the ‘Almost Free Money’ Series?

Author and entrepreneur Eric Michael writes a series of instructional books that helps time strapped and budget-conscious people develop a fun and exciting income source.

The Almost Free Money system has been used very effectively around the world, in urban settings and in rural areas.  The books have been ordered over 10,000 times in over 50 countries.

Both Almost Free Money and Superstar have reached #1 in their categories on Amazon.


Almost Free Money is a #1 110-Page Bestseller
in the Home Based Business Category on Kindle

It has received over 96% 5-Star Reader Reviews

Books by Eric Michael:  The Almost Free Money Series

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Start a Fun and Exciting Income Selling Items Found for Free or Under $1 in Almost Free Money, Volume 1

Digital Download

Eric Michael Books

Softcover Book Format

Almost Free Money Review: AFM is the flagship of the Almost Free Money series.  It teaches readers how to find a huge variety of items to sell for under $1.The information can be used anywhere in the world, and provides many opportunities and directions, so that readers can select the areas that they are more suited for.Readers are raving about the 540 item appendix, which lists items that can be found for under $1 (many are free) and sold online.  It even provides the eBay categories the items should be listed in to maximize profits.  These items can be found in your own home, at garage and yard sales, at thrift stores, or even lying around on curb-sides or  in the woods!For an excellent long reader review with benefits of the book, check out the Kindle Top Books Almost Free Money review.Almost Free Money is available in Softcover Book, Digital download, and Kindle formats (the low Kindle price is only for a very short time).


Amazon Reader Reviews:

“Respect to [Eric Michael]…After reading the description of this book I just had to get it and beside this incredible book is on [low-price] offer at the moment. After having a deeper look into the book this really separates itself from all the other books about selling and making money online.

It actually tells you all the details that you have to consider when planing on selling your products online.

Now having read many of these kind of books I can really say this book has got it. It can keep the promise that is made in the title and description.

I would strongly recommend to you start with this book. It is straight forward and honest and if you keep to the guidelines you will not fail.”

Nicolas L. [Spain]


“When I saw this book I was very curious to find out how people can make extra money by selling things they can get for free. It sounded too good to be true, but now I know it is possible, easy to do, and, more importantly, anyone can start their own business like this.

I like the fact that the author talks about his own experience and gives details on how he started his business and expanded it. The book is very well structured, easy to read, enjoyable and motivating.

It’s a great guide that explains all the steps you need to take in order to find items that people would usually throw away, and sell them on eBay or Amazon.

The author also gives a huge list of items that can bring a generous income, but the best thing is that it teaches the readers how to find their own items and become experts at spotting something that would bring them money. Very helpful and inspiring read!”

Oana M. [Romania]


Learn How to Increase Garage Sale Profits and Host a Better Yard Sale by Reading Garage Sale Superstar by Eric Michael

Digital Download Format

Eric Michael Books

Softcover Format

Garage Sale Superstar Review:As a veteran of hosting and visiting over 1,000 garage sales, Eric Michael can without question teach garage sale and yard sale hosts how to increase their profits.In Superstar, readers learn everything that they need to know to have garage sale success:

  • How to effectively price their sales items
  • Set up tables and displays for maximum profitability
  • Free garage sale advertisements – Learn where to post ads, and what information the ads should contain
  • How to make eye-catching and effective yard sale signs
  • How to have a fun garage sale or yard sale
  • How to organize a Niche Garage Sale or Community Yard Sale for maximum profits
  • How to have a safe garage sale
  • What items should be sold online, rather than at a garage sale
  • Garage Sale Superstar even explains what to do with your garage sale leftovers to make even more money!


Amazon Reader Review:

“From how to set up your tables, how to advertise and where (even how to word your ad) to what days your should have it and why and when to start it. You can tell that this book was written by someone who has been there, done that and has LOTS of experience and knowledge as how to be successful!

For example: The author suggests having co-hosts help with the sale and assigning jobs to each of them- This is a wonderful notion if you can get your friends and neighbors to do it. Perhaps when they read how much more effective the sale could be and that they could make more money by teaming up they’ll jump on board!

I especially liked the 10 tips for effective organization and spacing of your garage sale and yard sale tables, display and traffic flow, but I believe my favorite tip is on what to do with the annoying “early bird” people (They are part of the reason I dread having a garage sale!- But not any more!) You’ll also learn about how to make signs and where to put them, pricing your items, (great examples on $ amounts for them), what to do with unsold stuff, then concludes with even more useful tips.

I am anxious for spring so I can put this book to use and make some money selling our stuff! If you are planning on having a garage or yard sale in your future, you definitely want to read this book!”

Scott C. 


Learn how to Host a Safe Garage Sale or Safe Yard Sale and Avoid Common Garage Sale Scams in Garage Sale Safety

Kindle Format

Garage Sale Safety Review:ONLY 99 CENTS! In Garage Sale Safety, author Eric Michael examines common mistakes made by garage sale hosts that lead to safety issues for their families or visiting shoppers.In Garage Sale Safety, readers learn:

  • How to ensure that hosts and their families are safe from criminals and thieves
  • Some common garage sale scams and ploys are discussed, and tips are given for avoiding them
  • How to organize yard sales to avoid theft
  • How to host a safe garage sale for your visitors
  • Safety concerns for shopping at other people’s garage sales and yard sales.
  • How to avoid traffic accidents near sales
  • How to set up garage sales so children do not get hurt


Eric Michael Books

Kindle Format
Fast Cash: Flipping Used Items Review:Fast Cash features many tips for both beginning and experienced flippers.  Readers will learn about many unique and profitable items to flip, including many sources that competitors do not know about (or know how to effectively sell them).Fast Cash provides time-proven methods that allow sellers to maximize profits by selling over multiple platforms and teaches readers how to build an impressive inventory that does not take up a lot of storage room, and provides an excellent passive income for busy people.Like to travel, or take a break from selling for say… a couple months in winter?  This passive income could very easily earn you several hundred dollars a month.  During December 2012, our used item inventory earned our family over $2300, without doing ANYTHING.  Would you like to have all of your Christmas presents paid for, plus save up for a Spring Break vacation?Get it on the fun and interesting world of flipping used items.  This is a HOT and rewarding selling arena, as evidenced by a variety of popular TV shows, including American Pickers, Antique Roadshow, Junk Gypsies, and Flea Market Flip. 

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