Where to Add Etsy SEO Keywords to Your Etsy Shop

Etsy Empire cover

    Plug Your Keywords into the Correct Locations in Your Etsy Shop It is very important for you to help Etsy SEO and Google search engines find your shop and items during user searches.  To accomplish that task, you must plug your best keyword phrases into advantageous locations related to your Etsy shop. Search…

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Sell Vintage Book Illustrations on Etsy

selling book illustrations

  How to Sell Vintage Book Illustrations on Etsy   Do you have some old books that have fallen apart, lost pages, the cover looks terrible, or just plain will not sell on Amazon or eBay?  You can make excellent money selling only the illustrations on Etsy!  In many cases, you can earn 10 times…

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New Passive Income YouTube Video: Passive Income for Life

        Here is a brief overview of the new YouTube video for Passive Income for Life, a number one Amazon bestseller in the home business category.  The book has been download over 3000 times in five months. The new passive income YouTube video has been viewed over 6000 times in three days…

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Picking and Grinning 1/8/14

megatron photo

    Picking and Grinning 1/8/14 In this episode of Picking and Grinning, I will tell you how I had an excellent pick, just by listing used toys from my kids’ toy box! The best part about this pick is that… well actually, there are two things that are great.  #1, the boys get to…

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Picking and Grinning 12/24/13

Picking and Grinning 12/24 /13 In this episode of Picking and Grinning, I took a short break from Christmas shopping and stopped in at a local Salvation Army. Here is what I spent at the thrift store in 15 minutes: 51 LP Records @ .10 each = 5.10, 2 PlayStation 2 Consoles @ $5 each…

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