Sell Junk on Etsy and eBay

pull tab purse

       What Do You Mean, “Junk”?   Unbelieveable!  You can make significant money by learning to sell junk that you would normally throw in the trash or take to the recycling facility.  The trick is to know what to save. There are many, many types of items that you can save in a…

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How to Sell Batteries, Electrical Cords and Chargers for Profit

selling scrap batteries

    In this article, you will learn how to sell batteries, electrical cords and chargers for very high profit rates on Amazon and eBay.   Many sellers do not understand the value of these cheap and easy-to-find accessories, yet they are constantly in demand from consumers and they can yield tremendous profits. I have…

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Yard Sale Flipping Tips

almost free money cover

  Finding stuff to make large profits on at garage sales used to be simple. Now, there are many people yard sale flipping.  Plus, the people holding the garage sales are now more aware of the value of many collectible items than they used to be, so items are priced higher. Still, you  can find…

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Etsy Empire Book #1 on Kindle

Etsy Empire cover

Etsy Empire was released earlier this month on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.   Etsy sellers are raving about the contents of the first ever complete guidebook pertaining to selling on  The price is very affordable at only $2.99 (currently) on Kindle and around $10 on paperback.  Comparable guides are selling for over $50 on the…

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How to Find Gold and Silver at Thrift Shops

scrap sterling silver image

You can find Gold and Silver at thrift stores anywhere in the world.  The trick is to find the best stores and then learn how to find the hidden treasures among the piles of worthless stuff at most of these stores. In metropolitan areas, it can be really tough to find precious metals in the large…

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